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Haier medical and scientific group

The quietest medical and scientific refrigerators and -80 Ultra low temperature (ULT) freezers. We have a range of vaccine and pharmacy medical grade refrigerators. We have you covered from the minus 80 ULT freezers to the +5° pharmacy fridges. Read about our latest spark-free pharmacy grade refrigerators here

Testo Saveris temperature monitoring

With your pharmacy fridge you will need to monitor the temperature. We use and recommend the Testo Saveris 2 temperature monitor and cloud based data logger and alerting system.


Scanning electron microscopes. See our dedicated site nanovision.co.nz

Brightside Scientific

Brightside Scientific

Master Australasian agent for Haier Biomedical and  Binder .

Scientific equipment repair and service

Looking for instrument repairs: Refer to the "service" tab above to read about experience and how we can help service your laboratory instruments.