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  • BINDER Easy to rely on
  • BINDER Easy to rely on

Binder GmbH

We offer the Binder range of incubators, environmental simulation chambers and drying ovens.

Binder incubators are condensation-free and feature homogeneous gas distribution without turbulence. They use a 180 deg C dry air sterilisation cycle to guarantee a clean start every time. This feature makes them ideal chambers for cell cultivation or tissue culture storage.

Binder 240 and 700 litre climate chambers offer homogeneous climate conditions to stress test your samples from -10 to 100 deg C.

Working in close collaboration with Brightside Scientific in Sydney, we have popular models in stock there. In the last two years, Brightside have sold more than 250 CO2 incubators in Australia. Many of Australia's top research centres depend on BINDER incubators. For example;

SAMHRI, Monash medical research, Melbourne centre for brain research, Garvan centre for medical research, Childrens cancers research institute.

Contact CCAT with your incubator and climate chamber queries.

CCAT also offers professional:
          Preventive maintenance
          Test and calibration including NIST traceable
          Laboratory analytical instrument relocation