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What CCAT is doing about climate change

The most important issue facing us all today is without any doubt, climate change.

As the owner operator of CCAT Scientific and representative of Haier Biomedical and Emcrafts in Aotearoa NZ, I have decided to implement appropriate policies to lead the way so others may follow. Someone has to start!

One significant way I can reduce my carbon emissions is by reducing my travel, and when I do travel, making it as efficient and productive as possible . This is not so difficult.

It is not strictly necessary for me to attend to the installation of each and every fridge and freezer. I have prepared standard procedures which I already follow. These can by understood and followed by a competent sparky, electronics technician or your own staff.

When it is appropriate I will utilise a local person and follow their progress accordingly.

As well as their thorough manuals, Haier Biomedical have produced short videos demonstrating all procedures such as cleaning, changing the door seal and adjusting the settings. These manuals, videos and our remote assistance reduce our travel and can actually improve service through the use of locally available service people.

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