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HAIER Biomedical

CCAT is fortunate to represent Haier Biomedical refrigeration products.

Haier have an extensive range of refrigeration products for science and medicine and industry. Our freezers are used for storage of adhesives, valuable seafood and irreplaceable medical samples and the new Pfizer covid vaccine.

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Our ULT freezers. Read more at  minus80.co.nz

Vaccine, pharmacy and medical grade refrigerators  Read more.

Haier  ATEX certified spark free refrigerators. Read more.

Why you need a proper vaccine fridge. Read here

These Haier products have their legacy in a German joint venture in China. Now owned by Haier, the biggest such manufacturer in China today. Haier has a policy of buying and selling quality and value. We work in close collaboration with Brightside Scientific in Sydney. Brightside has sold several hundreds of Haier ULT freezers and vaccine refrigerators in Australia. Now you can get your new Haier vaccine fridge or ULT freezer from CCAT Scientific in Aotearoa NZ.

Contact CCAT with your medical, laboratory refrigerator and ULT freezer inquiries.

For more information refer to our dedicated web site: haiermedical.co.nz

and  minus80.co.nz.

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