The Ministry of Health does not endorse any particular brand or product.

The products and services on this page will enable your business to be compliant with the national standards*

Under bench size vaccine fridge

Cold chain accreditation

We can help get you through your cold chain accreditation. We will include our fee for this service as a separate item in your quote.

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Monitoring service

Data logger and monitoring service

You might like to use our data logger and monitoring service. You will be alerted to any temperature anomalies. The MoH recommends data loggers as the "gold standard". We will itemise this on your quote.

Temperature monitoring


In addition to the built in logging thermometer, the ministry requires you to have a second thermometer. Just to be sure. This requirement is also satisfied by the data logger option. This will also be a separate item on your quote.



You should consider the cost of a potential winter storm power outage. We have. We will include a UPS option in your quote. A UPS can operate your vaccine fridge/refrigerator for several hours during a power failure. Also a good solution for transport.

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Annual service

Annual service

The MoH requires you have your vaccine fridge serviced annually. Our vaccine fridge/refrigerator inspection, twenty point check list, temperature calibration and electrical safety re-certification will do the trick.

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How high will it go?

Remember the fridge

Which one will you choose? As a guide 300 litres for every 5000 to 10000 patients enrolled. A vaccine fridge/refrigerator should be sparsely populated.

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National standards


Haier medical refrigeration products are manufactured in a ISO certified facility. So we can assuredly give you a three warranty.

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All of our Haier vaccine refrigerators are certified to conform to European standards.

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Peace of mind

At the end of the day, you can sail off in to the sunset knowing that your vaccines are safely stored in your new Haier vaccine refrigerator. When something terrible goes wrong our monitoring service will let you know.

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