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Under bench vaccine fridge

Under bench style 68 or 118 litre vaccine fridge

The HYC 68 and 118 vaccine fridge/refrigerator fit under the work bench. Available solid opaque or frost free glass door option.

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For a medium size clinic

Ministry of Health

CCAT Scientific can assist you to comply with the NZ Ministry of health national standards for vaccine storage and transportation* and get your cold chain accreditation (CCA).

HYC 290 vaccine fridge

HYC 290 and 390 litre vaccine fridge

The HYC 290 and 390 litre vaccine fridge/refrigerators are a larger single door unit for a typical kiwi clinic. The HYC 290 and 390 feature a built in data logger with USB port. The internal temperature and other parameters are recorded every six minutes ad-infinitum.

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600 litre vaccine fridge

HYC 610

The Haier HYC 610 vaccine fridge/refrigerator is a larger single door unit, also with the built in temperature data logger.

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Everything you need

But wait, there's more

We offer a complete turn key solution to your cold chain quandary. Our solution will guarantee your CCA and of course safely store your vaccines.

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900 litre vaccine fridge

HYC 940 and 1378

The Haier HYC 940 and the 1378 are our biggest models in the vaccine fridge/refrigerator range. They feature double doors and the built in temperature data logger.

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Spark free

Spark free

Haier intrinsically safe ATEX certified spark free laboratory fridge will keep you safe.

Haier vaccine refrigerator control panel

Display panel

All of our Haier medical grade, vaccine refrigerators record the daily min and max temperature excursions for you to read and enter in your log. The larger sizes include a built in temperature data logger with USB port access.

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Rest easy

Peace of mind

At the end of the day, you can sail off in to the sunset knowing that your vaccines are safely stored in your new Haier medical grade, vaccine fridge/refrigerator. When something terrible goes wrong our monitoring service will let you know.

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Haier medical and Scientific division is represented in Aotearoa NZ by CCAT Scientific through the Australasian representative, Brightside Scientific.