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CCAT Scientific temperature monitoring

The CCAT Scientific Ltd temperature monitoring service will keep your cold chain compliant with the ministry of health requirements and give you a good nights sleep.

With the Testo external thermometers' constant vigil you will be alerted when there are temperature digressions beyond your specifications.

Testo monitoring service The system we have chosen will monitor your fridge and send data through your WiFi connection to the cloud. The cloud database will message you when the data falls outside your chosen parameters.

This cloud based system means that your data is being recorded and can be downloaded at any time for long term storage or auditing.
You can see your data and current  temperature at any time on you smart phone or computer etc.

Contact CCAT with your medical, laboratory refrigerator and ULT freezer inquiries.

For more information refer to our dedicated web site: minus80.co.nz.

CCAT also offers professional:
                  Preventive maintenance
                  Test and re-certification, including NIST traceable

Contact CCAT:

        Free phone 0800 222 812 (0800 CCAT12)

        email: info@ccat.co.nz

Australia free phone 1300 978 820 or email: