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  • "CCAT Scientific Ltd, services. There when you need us. "
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CCAT Scientific services available

0800 222 812     e:info@ccat.co.nz

Starting life as a contract service company in the science industry, CCAT is now the NZ agent for Haier Biomedical refrigeration products, and a re-seller of Testo and Lascar temperature data loggers.

CCAT also still provides scientific equipment/instrument repair, laboratory equipment repair.

Although the Haier representation is now our primary focus our roots are not forgotten. We can draw on our experience and help you with service, repair and maintenance of your older, and sometimes the newer;

Beckman J6, J6M, J6B centrifuges, spectrometers, Z1, Z2, LS13320 particle counters;

Perkin Elmer  Analyst series  Atomic absorption, GFAA, UV and Spectrum series and 2000 series FTIR spectrometers;

Perkin Elmer 4000,  7000, 8000 series ICP-OES.  Ask about other products I may have forgotten to list.

Having several years experience and factory training in a variety of analytical instruments, centrifuges and spectrometers, CCAT is a logical choice for prompt and economic service of many of the current and older Perkin Elmer, Beckman and other instruments.

We carry specialist test, measuring and calibration stuff (there's no other word for it) for these products.