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ATEX   IIC-T6 certified

Haier spark and static free refrigerators

We have a range of intrinsically safe spark free and static free refrigerators. They are also pharmacy/vaccine grade.  The ATEX II C-T6 explosion proof certification means that these fridges can be used almost every biochemistry laboratory. Temperature range is user adjustable from 3 to 16 °C. Ideal for solvent storage, or any other low flash point chemical, paint or glue in your plant or laboratory.

Haier 118 litre spark free

HLR-118 SF pharmacy grade spark free fridge, certified to ATEX II C-T6, fits under the counter. Also available with anti static chamber as HLR-118FL.

Haier 310 litre spark free

HLR-310-SF is a stand alone upright pharmacy grade spark free fridge,  certified to ATEX II C-T6, is also available with anti-static chamber as HLR-310FL.

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 CCAT Scientific Ltd can perform your annual fridge/freezer re-certification. Re-certification involves an inspection, performance test and calibration check. We will assist with or perform any repair which may also be required to maintain compliance.

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